Snus News May 2016

Mother’s Day at the Winery

Sunday, May 8th, 2016 2:00-5:00pm

Give your mother what she really wants this Mother’s day:  an afternoon of music, dancing, and wine!  Bill Martin Group will be playing from 2-5pm this Sunday.

All moms are welcome to a complimentary glass of Sangria.

Creative Spirits – Wine and Painting

‘VINE TO WINE’ Event      Thursday, May 19th

Creative Spirits is now booked at Snus Hill Winery every third Thursday evening, 6:30-8:30 pm, of every month. A fun event for friends, bachelorette groups, or couples. For more information, call 515-509-2265, or info@creativespiritsames.com, and to register go to Creative Spirits.

Live Music May Schedule

-May 6th, 2016  6:30-9:30pm,  Friday
Brick “One Man Band” from Code Blue 
-May 8th, 2016  2:00-5:00pm,  Mother’s Day Sunday
-May 13th, 2016   6:30-9:30pm,  Friday
-May 15th, 2016   2:00-5:00pm,  Sunday
-May 20th, 2016   6:30-9:30pm,  Friday
May 22nd, 2016   2:00-5:00pm,  Sunday
-May 27th, 2016   6:30-9:30pm,  Friday
-May 29th, 2016  2:00-5:00pm,  Sunday

Randy Burk and The Prisoners

Snus Hill Winery YouTube Channel

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