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WhiskerWhiteWhisker White

An estate grown dry white wine with subtle features of crisp tropical fruit aromas of pineapple, mango, and a touch of banana and melon starburst. An unusual grape, Elvira was a spontaneous hybrid in Missouri about 1869. Great for that afternoon spent with friends or just relaxing on the front porch swing.

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BouledePoilsBoule de Poils

An off-dry white wine, it has been compared with Sauvignon Blanc from Marlborough, New Zealand. Racy with aromas of grapefruit and a background of pineapple, lemon and lime. If you don’t know French, ask for the translation.

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EdelweissEdelweiss- not available at this time

Another Iowa grown masterpiece, this grape grows very well in our state. Voted Iowa’s best wine in the 2008 Mid American Wine Competition, this wine is our biggest medal winning wine. This off-sweet white wine will delight you with its delicate floral aroma and mouthwatering sweet peach, pear, honey and pineapple flavors in the glass.

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CatnipCat Nip

A Riesling relative, this is a sweet perennial favorite with a tease of ripe white peach aroma. Pairs well with the contrast of blue cheese. Try as an after dinner dessert wine.

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SpinnaSpinna- not available at this time

A delightful sweet white wine that is very similar to a creamy Moscato. Aromas of apricot, white peach blossoms and hints of orange and nectarine. This wine pairs well with fresh berry fruits and desserts.

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BlushingClairewine-blushingclaireBlushing Claire- not available at this time

This wine was picked “Best Iowa Wine” in the 2014 Mid-American Wine Competition. This charming well-balanced, semi-dry rosé suits any occasion. Crisp acidity and luscious aromas of apricot, peach, pineapple and citrus.

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SvenSven Red- not available at this time

Tart, refreshing and a great summertime wine on a hot day. Pairs great with a Thanksgiving meal with its “cranberry” tartness and a touch of sweetness.

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KittenKitten- not available at this time

A very familiar taste from your childhood, this wine is sweet and very smooth. A great party wine but don’t try to match with food, just drink it! Awesome when used as a Sangria..

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Frontenacwine-frontenac3Frontenac Dessert Wine

Locally grown grapes with complex aromas of dried dark cherries, plums, caramel and cloves. A port-style wine at 18% alcohol that will warm you on a cold winter evening or simply savor as the dessert following a meal. This wine is sure to impress when served with dark chocolate.

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Raspberry- not available at this time

A holiday favorite with its fruity, sweet ‘n’ tart flavor that will remind you of your childhood out in the summers picking fresh raspberries. Not available at this time.

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A delightful dry red with complex aromas of blackberry, black currant and cherry brought alive from aging in American oak barrels for 12 months. Definite sexy aromas of oak and vanilla imparted from the aging in barrels. Pairs with hearty foods, game meats like duck and pheasant, lamb, and grilled meats.

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Marechal Foch

Earthy dry red wine with aromas of anise and mocha over dark berry fruits. This is an acid-driven wine which makes it naturally food-friendly. This wine can pair well with lamb, steak, and certain spicy foods.

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DitchweedRedDitchweed Red- not available at this time

A not-quite-dry red wine with lots of fruit aroma and medium bodied on the palate. This is back to the original Ditchweed… not at all earthy. Enjoy with barbecue meats, steaks or red pastas.

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High Trestle Taille- not available at this time

Sweet with intense flavors of ripe cherries, red raspberries and a creamy, full feel to the palate. We suggest serving at room temperature for the best flavors but does well if you like it chilled. The party starts with this wine at any time or place.

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